Which features in Scan To BIM Revit add-in do you need next?

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Which features in Scan To BIM Revit add-in do you need next?

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Now that the Scan To BIM Revit add-in for individual pipe extraction has been released (download from https://scantobim.xyz to try for free), it's time to develop other features that you need. We need your opinion on what's important for you. Here are few of the features that we think you may need. Reply to this email now with 3 features that you desperately need starting with the highest priority feature first.

Options are:

Pipe alignment - Revit can connect two pipes only if they lie in the same plane. Pipes extracted from point cloud may not lie in the same plane and hence as of now, you may need to adjust one endpoint of a pipe manually to connect the pipes. This tool will automatically align the pipes so that they can be connected in Revit.

Batch extraction of pipes - This will extract all straight pipes from a point cloud so that you don't have to click on each one individually. Once identified, you'll still need to go through all of them and select the correct pipe type for each. This tool will identify even staircase rails as pipes, so you'll need to delete these manually.

Wall extraction - Click on a point on the wall and the add-in will create a plumb wall for you.

Round HVAC duct extraction - Click on a point of a round HVAC duct and the add-in will extract the HVAC duct, very similar to how it extracts straight pipes.

Rectangular HVAC duct extraction - Click on two points on two perpendicular sides of a rectangular duct. The add-in will extract the duct for you.

Conduit extraction - Extract conduits, in a similar way to how the add-in extracts pipes.

Structural steel extraction - Extract beams and columns from point cloud.

Electrical switches and sockets extraction - I have heard that lots of clients demand modeling of electrical switches and sockets but they back out because the manual labor and cost involved is exorbitant. If the add-in could extract the switches and sockets automatically, the manual labor and cost will decrease, clients will demand it since the cost increase is not prohibitive and hence your revenue will increase.

Anything else - If there are features that you really need but are not covered above, reply to this email and let me know what they are.

PS: On April 20, we'll open the portal https://scantobim.xyz to purchase the subscription for Scan To BIM Revit add-in. If you sign up before Apr 20, we'll send you a discount coupon and you'll have 10 days to purchase the subscription for $9/mo. On May 1, price of the add-in will increase to $49/mo. If you are considering purchasing the add-in, give it a test drive today so that you are ready to purchase it on Apr 20.
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