Wireless Field Registration with the DotProduct DPI-8X & Z+F 5010X

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Wireless Field Registration with the DotProduct DPI-8X & Z+F 5010X

Post by cahern3d » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:23 pm

In this video blog, I'm excited to highlight the workflow to register DPI-8X data with tripod scan data wirelessly in the field. With the DPI-8 or DPI-8X handheld scanner, Z+F 5010X or 5016 Imager, and Z+F LaserControl Scout software, users are now able to add handheld data directly into their tripod data set in the field at the time of capture. LaserControl Scout is Z+F's solution to in-field registration and remote scanner control. Operating on a Surface Pro on site, this allows DotProduct and Z+F customers to align and register handheld and tripod data, all on a touchscreen tablet in the field with no need for wired transfer or moving data on USB drives. Please click below for the full story, video, and images:

https://www.dotproduct3d.com/blog/field ... nd-zf5010x

-Chris Ahern, Marketing Manager - DotProduct Boston

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