Tremendous speed-up in pipe / duct / conduit extraction workflow

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Tremendous speed-up in pipe / duct / conduit extraction workflow

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It has been a month since we released a new version of the Scan To BIM add-in. There's a reason for that. We've been busy working on a couple of blockbuster tools that'll increase the efficiency of your pipe, round duct and conduit extraction workflow tremendously. Here they are:

1) We have replaced "Align" tool with the "Align & Connect" tool.

Earlier extracting a pipe run required three steps. (1) Extract the pipes conduits, (2) Align them, and (3) Connect them using Revit's "Trim / Extend to corner" tool. The new "Align & Connect" tool combines steps 2 and 3. So now you need to just extract the pipes and then select the pipes in a run to automatically align and connect them. The new tool will also connect multiple pipes in one go. It is also intelligent enough to figure out whether a connection is an elbow or a T. Below is a short animated image to show you how it works. Although the below image shows only pipe connection, the tool works with round ducts and conduits as well. If you need detailed instructions on how to extract, align and connect pipes, ducts or conduits, see the video tutorials at


2) We have added the ability to crop points clouds in Revit using "Polygon Crop" tool.

We have heard the issue that if there are multiple small pipes or conduits running in parallel, then our pipe / duct / conduit extraction provides incorrect result. Earlier we recommended that you use a section box to only keep the points belonging to the pipe you want to extract and then fit a pipe. But enabling and moving a section box every time is cumbersome. Now we have added a polygon crop tool that'll allow you to crop the points within the convex polygon that you draw. Only these visible points are then taken into account for extracting pipes / ducts / conduits. Here's a short animated image demonstrating the intended usage of this tool.


In addition, we have managed to fix some bugs in this release:

1) The preview window in the popup that was shown after extracting pipes, round ducts or conduits used to display point clouds that were hidden in the active view. Now you'll only see the visible point clouds in the preview window.

2) Sometimes the preview window showed the fitted pipe / duct / conduit from very far away so you had to zoom in to verify the fit. This has been fixed.

As always, you can download a 30-day free trial of the add-in from If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.
Neerav Mehta
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