2-D vs 3-D Augmented Reality

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2-D vs 3-D Augmented Reality

Post by Joon » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:43 am

Some examples of 3-D Augmented Reality made by CurvSurf using Apple ARKit, Google Tango, MS HoloLens, and Intel RealSense:

3-D Augmented Reality - Apple ARKit


3-D Augmented Reality - Google Tango


3-D Augmented Reality - Microsoft HoloLens


Real Time 3-D Object Recognition


For augmented reality, the very first basic technology is the motion tracking of the device capturing geometric environment. Then, the recognition & determination of geometric environment is the second element of augmented reality. Finally, information is to be augmented or added to the geometric environment recognized & determined.

- 2-D Augmented Reality (state-of-the-art): 2-D pattern recognition & plane fitting of planar environment.
- 3-D Augmented Reality (future direction): 3-D geometry recognition & surface fitting of curved environment.


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