Recent 3D scanning project: a Makita case

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I have made 30-40 posts
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Recent 3D scanning project: a Makita case

Post by Artec Group » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:22 pm

Our team has recently scanned a Makita case (around 20 cm length), so feel free to check the result on Sketchfab here, this 3D-mesh is available for download as well: ... 002a910581

What we really loved in this 3D model is the fact that even very small geometry on some parts has been perfectly reconstructed in 3D :)

A short summary about the workflow and the final result:
* Around 2 million of polygons
* 3D scanner: Artec Space Spider
* 3D software: Artec Studio 12
* In total we captured 5 scans to receive a"general" shape (if I may call it so), plus our team has additionally captured 7 very small scans, focusing on small tricky and/or thin geometry. Overall it took around 20 minutes to capture all 12 scans, followed by 30 minutes of post-processing

Here are some screenshots:
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Best regards!

Ivan Beliaev
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