FARO S120 Firmware Problem

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FARO S120 Firmware Problem

Post by ecc23 »

Dear All,

I have recently been given the opportunity to use this scanner, but while on site it 'malfunctioned'.
By this I mean the screen randomly stopped working in such a way that while the touchscreen 'registered' that I had pressed a button - i.e. the symbol flashed, I could not access any of the menus. I called the tech support line who said they would call me back later or the next day.

Nevertheless, I turned it on and off a few times and eventually the touchscreen began working again, however; all of the data on the machine had disappeared - the profiles, operators, etc. and it was reporting that there was no battery. More confusion and worry ensued.

Tech support then got back to me and asked me to try to do a firmware update. The first part succeeded, but the second part failed.

I really need to get this fixed, (I was advised to send it for a service, but I am sure you all are aware how much that costs). I believe this to be a software/firmware error at the moment as there has been no untoward noises coming from the machine, nor has any physical damage been dealt to it. Therefore does anybody know of a way in which the machine can be 'reset' or of a way to reinstall the firmware while bypassing the touchscreen? Can it be plugged into a pc/laptop/phone for example? I tried the wifi connection, but the wifi 'signal' does not show up.

Many thanks,

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Re: FARO S120 Firmware Problem

Post by cadmium »

the 120s are mysteriously all malfunctioning.

Randy Wag
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Re: FARO S120 Firmware Problem

Post by Randy Wag »

Yes, I have noticed the chatter on many s120 failures recently. Mine came up with errors so I sent it off for service. They said the optics unit needed replacement ($10,000) and they recommended replacing the touch screen ($5,000 touch screen) and of course the ($5,000) calibration charge. $20,000 more or less. I was heartbroken. They were kind enough not to charge me for declining to have any work done (the tech assessment was done at no cost). When you consider what Apple was just caught doing regarding purposeful obsolescence, it makes you wonder if that is a widespread sales tactic.

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