Faro Battery Charging Base

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I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Faro Battery Charging Base

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I am going to rehash this topic just a bit. I know this was addressed not to long ago but the fact that this product is made so poorly and cannot be used is ridiculous. The total price tag of the scanner and even the replacement part for this particular piece of equipment makes replacing things very expensive. We have had to replace the base on 4 separate occasions and now have to replace one that is not even 6 months old. We are VERY open to different methods of getting these batteries charged. We cannot just keep dishing out 750 dollars for a base every few months. I know a lot of people that are in the same boat as us based off a prior thread as well as personal phone calls made. Please FARO lets get this figured out.

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Re: Faro Battery Charging Base

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I've suggested several times in prior posts, trying an electronic contact cleaner such as this one from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/CRC-05101-QD-Ele ... B000CCMLD0
It did the trick for me four years ago and has charged easily since then.

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Re: Faro Battery Charging Base

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I thought that I had a battery problem when it was in fact the charging block. If you look in the scanner battery compartment you will notice that the contacts protrude out more than the contacts in the charging block. In my old charging block this contact strip was held in place by a few plastic tabs, in the new one they used some hot glue to hold them in place. Two problems that I found which could be easily fixed in their mold design are that the holes that the contacts protrude through are too small and the material where they protrude through is too thick. The contacts are spring loaded with only the smaller diameter section fitting through the holes.

I ended up modifying both of mine by drilling the holes a little larger so that the stationary portion of the contact will fit in and using a detail sander to remove some of the area where the contact panel rests. Hot glued it back in place and both work well now. Unfortunately I was in a hurry to use them on a project and didn't photograph the process but it was very simple and easy to do.

I used a very high tech method to test the theory of the contacts not reaching the battery in the charging block. I took the charging block apart, duct taped the contact strip to the battery, plugged it in, and it started charging.

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