PointCab Release 3.4

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I have made 30-40 posts
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PointCab Release 3.4

Post by RSteffen » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:07 am

Wernau, Germany — July 15, 2015 — PointCab GmbH, producer of software solutions for point cloud processing, announced the launch of PointCab 3.4 software. PointCab is an intuitive, fast and compatible point cloud processing software for terrestrial laser scanning data and point clouds from drones, mobile mapping and airborne systems.

“PointCab is going to the next level of workflow optimization by transferring point cloud information into CAD systems”, said Dr. Richard Steffen, chief executive officer. "We made a lot of progress in point cloud filtering and export as well as interactions with CAD systems”.

As an ADN partner of Autodesk, we now have the ability to export point clouds directly into the RCP file format. Using the PointCloud Export tool, you can export the points of a certain area, filter the points to a homogeneous spatial density or elevation points and export them. Using the reduced point cloud makes the work in Autodesk products more efficient.

The 3D Points tool has been extended to import 3D points including a direction vector and intersect the ray with the point cloud. This feature can be used to analyze a complex model for point cloud differences in a few steps. Furthermore, we implemented the measurement of 3D points in the planar views of terrestrial scans.

In cooperation with BIMm GmbH from Sontheim (Germany), producer of an add-on for ARCHICAD, you can easily and efficiently create building models based on point clouds in ARCHICAD. ARCHICAD is started with the BIMm add-on and PointCab using the new 4BIMm tool simultaneously, optimally on two monitors. Measurements of 3D points in PointCab are performed directly in ARCHICAD to place a 3D object. You can find more information about the PointCab4BIMm solution on http://www.bim-measurement.com.

“With the translation of PointCab GUI to the Chinese language, we target new markets in Asia”, said Mrs. Bimin Zheng, product manager for Asia. We invite hardware distributors in Asia to become a new reseller in this market.

Once again, PointCab is going to be exhibitor at the Intergeo 2015 in Stuttgart. We invite all customers and partners to join our booth.

About PointCab:

One of the most important premises during the development of PointCab was to develop an analysis software that analyzes a point cloud faster than a laser scanner can capture it. PointCab obtains amazing results even on older machines and on laptops. "Today, we are proud of an easy user interface that allows beginners and professionals to analyze point clouds quickly and efficiently – without training costs”, said Frank Torno, support & administration.

Again and again, you hear about a time-consuming import of point clouds into various CAD systems. Is it really necessary to make such an effort? Moreover, your drawing file keeps usual file sizes. Following this, your CAD software doesn’t need a point cloud interface and you don’t need a software update for your CAD software.

We are always amazed when customers tell us when they heard that they could simply click on the measurement points and connect them manually. How do you choose the two out of the million points? With PointCab, you don’t deal with single measurement points anymore. In fact, our software analyzes each measurement point and creates a layout, section, poly lines, profile lines, DTM, meshes, volumes, project documentation and more.

Our 3D results often have a volume of only a few megabytes – a result exact as the point cloud and with a file size reduced to the essential. We simply added a standard interface to our PointCab tools. Thus, there are no changes during the work with point clouds. Simply import the DWG file or send the project demo in PDF format to your customer.
Today, more than thousand users work with PointCab to process point clouds from terrestrial laser scanner as well as mobile platforms all over the world.

© 07/15/2015 Wernau, PointCab GmbH. Website: http://www.pointcab-software.com
All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Re: PointCab Release 3.4

Post by daniel.chavez » Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:14 am

Thanks for this info. especially regarding the export of RCP files directly through your software. I am also a part of the ADN, and would like to add this feature (exporting directly to RCP) to my software.

How do you suggest that I add this functionality to my software? Did you receive the export to RCP as a standalone type license?

Thanks for the support!

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