Laserscanning TV presents PointCab web export tool

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Laserscanning TV presents PointCab web export tool

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The PointCab Web Export Tool is an easy-to-use alternative to FARO Webshare and Leica TruView. PointCab Web Export supports all common laser scanners, such as FARO, Leica, Riegl and Z+F 3D scanners. When it comes to other laser scanners, you can use the PTX format for easy point cloud exchange.

The results (export) can be accessed and shared online via an internet server or a local network, but you can also use USB sticks, CD-Rs, and DVDs to share and use the files exported.

Here's how it works:
1. Create a layout, section, façade plan with PointCab Layout.
2. Create the export with the Web Export Tool.
3. Share, visualize and measure the results.

Please contact us if you have any questions or recommendations to add: [email protected]
free test version:

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