External Camera_C10_Calibration & Picture Quality problem

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I have made 30-40 posts
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External Camera_C10_Calibration & Picture Quality problem

Post by gregorjev » Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:02 am

Finally we get External Camera Kit for our C10.
But...after 100 times calibrating processes, there are still 2 problems:

Problem 1:
Camera calibration always shows bad results. All pics must be aligned with pose editor software. That is very time consuming.

Problem 2.
Hardly aligned pictures are very bad quality.

Camera calibration and camera settings are set as described in manuals. Our workflow is as described:

1.a We did calibration with camera step by step as written in manuals.
1.b Calibration results always shows many yellow points, which means, calibration process is not so well.
2. We performed test scan with C10 and external camera.
3. Then we have imported all data into Cyclone
- images were imported with Pose Editor
4. After finished process we checked sphere image in Cyclone (multiimage) and the resolution/image quality is noticeable lower comparing to RAW images.

...LoQuality pictures performed without Pose Editor as well.
Is there auto blendind problem? Any way how to uncheck this autoblending function?

Someboady has similar experiance?

Reference image is attached.
Thanks for help!
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