Strange noise with Leica P40 and more

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Strange noise with Leica P40 and more

Post by sauler »


During last scanning project, the P40 started to make strange "screech" noise.

It started from Scan 1 and went on until the very last scan. But today, all the noise was gone. I was thinking, maybe somebody has had similar case and know, why it acts like that?

Also, at some point, scanning times increase. Normally, 12,[email protected] in high sensity and in speed mode lasts 58 second, but it suddenly coes up to 1min 40sec or something. I was wondering, if the weather is in charge of this? It was quite windy and temperature was about -2 degrees in C.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Strange noise with Leica P40 and more

Post by Andy H »

Cold may affect the grease in any bearings but it's within its operating range. Is it within its service time frame?

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