Leica External Camera Kit

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Re: Leica External Camera Kit

Post by Rikore »

All we use it an external. We have the iStar but don't use it much as it does fail time to time. We use the Canon 70D and the 80D on the ninja nodal. No paralax using the nodal. You can see an example under recent projects - Scan of lake and small town in Pennsylvania. One of our staff Chuck has taught the external work flow for Leica at their HDS University and to several police agencies. Faster than the internal camera, but it does take time importing and applying the images. We take eight photos and sometimes take two sets so we can use the best. Quick and easy to take images into Photoshop or another editing program to adjust the images. Sometimes its the individual and others the Panos. The one thing I will say is with Cyclone 9.3.2 and higher the program does a bad job alighing the images. Works great with 9.3.1. Yes, Leica knows about it, but.... Overall, I would recomend the exteral with the Canon.
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Re: Leica External Camera Kit

Post by Ioannis »

Old topic but I was thinking with the latest version of firmwire and cyclone updates if anyone that uses the external camera have any good news.
I want to setup the scanner, scan and go with a high quality colour scan!
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Re: Leica External Camera Kit

Post by vector »

Hi, I am having some serious trouble importing data with external camera images.

I used to use C10 scanner / Canon 70D camera and Cyclone 9.1.2 which opened the PoseEditor window during import for each station.
Since 9.1.3 (~2016), Auto-Alignment feature was introduced, and the Pose Editor did not open (even though it is still an option according to help/manuals). Auto-Alignment almost always fails, the misalignments are enormous - I would like to at least have a possibility to use Pose Editor again.

I reported the issue to Leica and downgraded to 9.1.2, which I then used for a very long time.
Now my company purchased P50 scanner, and I see that after numerous updates of Cyclone software, the problem has not been resolved... I cannot figure out how to open the Pose Editor window.

The camera was calibrated at least twice, I don't think this is the issue. Please give me any advices on how to improve the import process... proper work of auto-align feature would be the best, but I really have no idea what am I doing wrong :(

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