Depth measurement

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Depth measurement

Post by max72 »

While not really a scanning project, I received a request about depth measurement of a water channel. Depth is 0 to 15 meters, and I'm requested to create a depth map.
The bottom is sand, with 50 cm of mud on top.
I'm wondering what would be the best probe to get the bottom depth. In my idea I would sync and combine the probe measuments with the accurate position of a survey grade GPS.
Any suggestion is welcome.
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Re: Depth measurement

Post by smacl »

Sounds like you want to combine GPS and Sonar, possibly a multi-beam device either on a small boat or radio controlled vehicle. Not sure who you'd rent this from in Italy but if you contact Ted Read of Ohmex he'd probably give you a few good ideas, see Not sure if Ted is on this forum or not. The lads at SCCS might well have something as well, Phil Marsh?, though again not sure if they service the Italian market.

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Re: Depth measurement

Post by MinnaK_VRT »

We use multibeam sonar for all underwater inspections. Mostly from survey boat but we have a remote-controlled scanning vehicle as well, for places too narrow or shallow for the boat. Depth is one major information our clients are looking for, if they are dredging or just want to know the sediment shifts, and we get the shape of the bottom really accurately in 3D. Italy is a bit for us to travel so probably this isn't very concrete help for you… But this is my 2 cents. :)
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