Then & Now: Scanning a 6BR House with Dot3D

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Then & Now: Scanning a 6BR House with Dot3D

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The game has changed. We've revisited the same rental property three times over the past 8 years, demonstrating the drastic evolution of Dot3D scanning from its roots on the Android-based DPI-8 kit to the Windows-based Intel RealSense platform, to one of our more popular and practical solutions today: Dot3D for iOS! What used to take 13 scans, now takes one. What used to involve labour intensive measurement and preparation, now requires none. What used to take 4 hours can be done in 20 minutes or less. And what used to cost ≈$5K, can now be achieved with no more than a $300 app and the right phone. Dot3D has never been more powerful and accessible than it is today. Give it a try and see for yourself:

Session 1 (2015):
Total Scans: 13
Scan Time: 4 hours
3D camera: DPI-8 kit (≈2.5K)
Software: Phi.3D (predecessor to Dot3D, $2500 perpetual)
OS: Android
Scan-to-scan Registration: Hand-measured survey targets

Session 2 (2021):
Total Scans: 2
Scan Time: 30 minutes
3D camera: Intel RealSense D455 kit (DP-calibrated, $795)
Software: Dot3D Pro ($995 / year)
OS: Windows
Tablet/Phone: Microsoft Surface Go
Scan-to-scan Registration: Overlapping AprilTags

Session 3 (2023):
Total Scans: 1
Scan Time: 20 minutes
3D camera: iPhone 15 Pro Max (embedded LiDAR camera)
Software: Dot3D Pro for iOS ($300 / year)
Tablet/Phone: iPhone 15 Pro Max (any recent Pro model works)
Scan-to-scan Registration: NONE NEEDED
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