EdgeWise DPI-8 Webinar data-set processed in InfiPoints

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EdgeWise DPI-8 Webinar data-set processed in InfiPoints

Post by TommyMaddox »


InfiPoints offers direct import + extraction of the scans produced by the DotProduct DPI-8 Scanner. They also offer "InfiPoints on a Tablet" for the use of in-field automatic feature extraction on the same tablet that the DPI-8 uses.

This particular data set was the one captured in the EdgeWise DotProduct DPI-8 Webinar on September 15th, 2016

I've processed the data in InfiPoints, and applied some minor corrections to show how easily the data can be handled.

NOTE: The screen wobbles rapidly during this demo. For some reason this only happens when I run the screen capture software I'm using, so it really is a much more fluid experience in person.

Time Metrics:

Import with Extraction of Pipes and Planes: 2 minutes and 3 seconds
(Pipes and Plane export took 3 seconds)

Manual cleanup: approximately 10 minutes. Would have been quicker with practice and without the screen wobble issue experienced when recording.

I had practiced once before, and found that using noise-reduction features in InfiPoints on this somewhat sparse data-set resulted in a bit more difficulty finishing out the piping, so in the video, you'll notice I opted not to run the noise reduction.

You'll also notice the method of assigning all of the points (+ clearance range) attributed to pipe group or groups onto its own layer for further processing or interference checking.

I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: EdgeWise DPI-8 Webinar data-set processed in InfiPoints

Post by Shunshun1209 »

Hi Tommy,

This is an interesting case as I personally saw the webinar recording and was curious about how the process
would take place in InfiPoints.
Thank you very much for giving this a try and making a video of it.

By the way, the product where InfiPoints feature extraction runs on the DPI-8 is called "InfiPoints DP"

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