Why GeoSLAM?

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I have made 10-20 posts
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Why GeoSLAM?

Post by greg_at_ppm »

At SPAR3D this year I connected with a few other GeoSLAM users and I want to talk to more of you! We have 5 scanners and we use them all the time. We've seen a lot, but we haven't seen it all - and I learned a ton from hearing about projects radically different than our own. I'd like to hear more about your projects and why you chose GeoSLAM to scan them. So...

What are you using your Zebs for? Why did you choose GeoSLAM?

We purchased our first Zeb Revo in 2017 and have bought a few more Zebs since then. We use them exclusively for scanning buildings to create AutoCAD and Revit models for a wide variety of clients. We chose GeoSLAM because it provides the fastest data acquisition in the field and it meets our accuracy tolerances. And the piece of kit makes us look like Ghostbusters out in the field. One of these days we will get the jumpsuits. As you can see, the coolness factor was very important. 8-)

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Re: Why GeoSLAM?

Post by m2ti »

:shock: create AutoCAD and Revit models :shock:
:shock: meets our accuracy tolerances?! That's interesting so what is that tolerances

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Re: Why GeoSLAM?

Post by Matt Young »

Should be great for a 1:100 or 1:200 rough floor plan I'm guessing.

Who ya gonna call? Dustbusters!
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Re: Why GeoSLAM?

Post by sheartab »

So here's my 2 cents. I work in the design side of our universe. I went head-first into laser scanning with FARO units. 95% of our work is large square footage interior spaces (schools, hospitals, housing). Faro provides us great data and it was really more than we needed. Honestly speaking, after we ran our work thru As-Built for Revit (which works beautifully), we were taken back. Our wonderful as-seen BIM models looked like a 3rd grader drew the set of plans. Elements were modeled correctly to the point where we couldn't use them! You see, in design world things need to be rectilinear and square with one another. Especially when documenting construction drawings in Revit. So, these hyper accurate plans that we generated were archived. We ran them thru As-Built one more time using the Align Walls tool to square things up- ultimately introducing error into our process.

Which gets me to my greater point. If (in design) we are introducing all of this error into the process, is accuracy really that important? Just something to think about. You could work in conditions where accuracy really is important! Just my point of view from the design world. Cheers!

TL;DR- We have both Faro and GeoSLAM. We use them separately and together, it just depends on the project. SLAM is not a replacement to structured scanning IMO. It is however a fantastic supplement to your tool-set. Cheers!

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Re: Why GeoSLAM?

Post by scott.diaz »

Well said, use the right tool for the job. In this case choosing the tool which meets your tolerance, accuracy and time requirements onsite.

Regarding design of course the further you move away from reality the more error introduced. REALITY>Point Cloud>Mesh>Model>Restricted Model (90 degrees, etc.). Again, the deliverable is based on the job or need. Having a perfect BIM model is nice looking, contains useful data embedded in each object and meets design constraints in today's major platforms like Revit. The data within the model makes it possible to better manage assets, connect to FM systems, run certain analysis etc. In other words the modeled data provides information that is simply not possible with a dumb point cloud. You could say BIM modeling is a necessary evil to get to these details. If accuracy is of ultimate importance then use the point cloud, not the model.

In my mind the perfect solution is an intelligent point cloud which has BIM info behind each perfectly recognized and segmented portions of the cloud. Now you have reality with intelligent data behind. One can dream!! Machine learning is going to get us a heck of alot closer in the coming years

(BTW, if you want to keep closer to reality in AsBuilt Revit you can use the adjust walls tool without constraining to perfect angles. It will connect up your wall segments using as-built angles. This will probably annoy your architect friends but again, they live in a different world and expect a different deliverable.)

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