Export filtered scan.e57

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Export filtered scan.e57

Post by mm-89 »

Hello ZF-Users.

I have a question about exporting e57-files with ZFLC. The unfiltered scans in "normal/high" are about ~1 GB after export them into the e57 format. If i use the "mixed pixel filter" (and/or other filter options to clean the pointcloud) and export these "clean" scans, the e57 files are ~1 GB, too.

After import the clean clouds to cloudcompare and save them again they are, as expected, smaller. It seems like ZFLC export the e57 correct, but without the information about deleted points.

Is it possible with ZFLC to give the e57-files the real information about the file-size? Maybe i just fail to see the right button...

Christoph Held
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Re: Export filtered scan.e57

Post by Christoph Held »

Hi Matthias

LaserControl exports scans into e57 as structured point sets, similar to PTX. The structured format is the best choice to be most flexible for various purposes, including archiving. To keep the structure intact, we need to keep even deleted/filtered points or set them to (0,0,0). Hence the file size does not decrease very much when filtering. Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] and we will try to assist in finding the optimal format for you.

Best regards,

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Re: Export filtered scan.e57

Post by hod »

How can I generate e57 file using z+F? because I usually use LFM for that. I later find out there is an option for exporting e57 directly from Z+F, but i don't know how to use it.

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