Laser Scanner for MEP Firm

For comparison of laser scanning products
I have made 50-60 posts
I have made 50-60 posts
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Re: Laser Scanner for MEP Firm

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Hi Nick:

PM sent.


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Re: Laser Scanner for MEP Firm

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nubrun wrote:As I mentioned above, about 90% of our work is retrofit work in existing lab buildings where trying to route anything is a challenge.
I remember scanning a "lab" once and it had a lot of shiny 1/4 and 1/8 inch pipes running thru it to the benches.
Air, flammable gas, nitrogen, etc. Those were a bear to pick up.
What will get the walls/floors/pipes(1/2-8")/columns typically will not get those little tiny pipes.

Handheld for the tiny stuff, standard TLS for everything else, but no long range required (so M70 might be sufficient).
Get the vendor to do a demo =>5 scans in an typical space and go the process of completely processing the data.

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