Static scan or mobile mapping ?

For comparison of laser scanning products
I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: Static scan or mobile mapping ?

Post by Ben »

is somebody can send me a small part of pointcloud made with mobile scanner system, with wetransfer ?

my mail adress : [email protected]

Thanks for this, and for your answers

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I have made 40-50 posts
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Re: Static scan or mobile mapping ?

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blazaj wrote:Nice result Kin, better than I would expect from a mobile system. Did you compare to static LS and/or to total station survey?

This is done in 2007 ( The technologies have improved quite a bit. You may still find it interesting. You can be better than 6 to 7 mm (95%) using static scan if your ground control is good (digital leveled). New scanner (Faro and Leica) with higher range accuracy would give you better accuracy, but your result is only as good as your control accuracy. Keep in mind that highway don't have much vertical feature to do auto registration. If the road has a a lot of building on each side, you may get good result.

Hope this help.


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Re: Static scan or mobile mapping ?

Post by joe.3dlm »

Hi Jiri

We can achieve 3mm precision and better than 2cm absolute accuracy with our StreetMapperIV system. Point spacing is typically 1cm across track and 5cm in driving direction but dependent on driving speed as mentioned above.

This is a best-case scenario - it assumes ground control points and good GNSS visibility (although a good IMU helps a lot when GNSS is poor - we use an IMU from IGI).

This is a high-end survey-grade mobile mapping system - you can pay less, but you can't expect to get the same accuracy :)

We've been selling it and using it commercially for ten years and it's come a long way since the early days!


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