Faro S350+ vs Leica RTC360 vs ZF 5016

For comparison of laser scanning products
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I have made 70-80 posts
I have made 70-80 posts
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Faro S350+ vs Leica RTC360 vs ZF 5016

Post by JMontie »

We currently use Faro S350's and Faro Scene to process and Faro As-Built on AutoCAD to work in. We are looking at options, originally we were going to get the Faro S350+ to go with our 2 S350's. Now we are looking at the other 2 scanners. I would like to know how do the scanners compare to each other. What are the strong points of each.

At this time we will probably stick with As-Built to work in, but how we scan and process is up in the air.

We are also comparing processing software. Scene vs Cyclone vs Laser Control.

The main issue's we are having is "useable distance vs time to scan" and "speed and accuracy of processing".

Our projects have gone from 60 to 500 and 1000 scans.

Any help would be appreciated, I've got spec sheets but even with these it is hard to compare numbers.
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Re: Faro S350+ vs Leica RTC360 vs ZF 5016

Post by steves01x »

Distance and RTC360 is not something i would put together - its a brilliant scanner, especially indoors and in smaller rooms/spaces. It also takes a pretty good 360 image in 1 minute! I would take a wild guess that the P40 data at range (which we find is brilliant) will be very similar to the Z&F. But the P40 internal camera is very, very, very slow if you need photos. Apart from the odd scan use the P40 on the long range (over 120m) setting and what it captures in 3 minutes or 13 minute scans is top quality!

Not used Scene for a good few years but i always preferred Cyclone Core, which i still use to this day. Once you get use to it, it just works - we put in a lot of P40 and RTC data and no issues. One of the most used/liked feature now is with the Publisher Pro and exporting LGS Truviews that can be used with a free JetStream viewer - everyone from production/QC and clients like them! They are a very sensible size when the point cloud is not exported with it.

Faro As Built - your only extra step that i believe Scene avoids, which is needed from Cyclone is the batch export of individual scans in e57 or PTX. I think with Scene you can copy the registered fls over?
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Re: Faro S350+ vs Leica RTC360 vs ZF 5016

Post by sim.herrod »

We demo'd the RTC and S150 and went with the S150. The new '+' variant would have made the decision even easier IMO.

We do however use Cyclone as we think it gives better results, we just wish it dealt with spheres as well as Scene.
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