Normalizing intensity values

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Normalizing intensity values

Post by UBS1976 »

Hi, I have a project where point cloud data is produced via several platforms and programs. This is a bit problematic, since the scale of intensity varies depending on instrument and export format used. I have not much possibility to change that at the moment. Is there a way to normalize these different scans to a uniform scale in a program?

Example: one instrument or file format might give me intensity from -32000 to 32000 and another from -2000 to 2000, a third one from 0 to 1 and so on. So when I import all these it is very difficult to read the visual information from the intensity. Does anyone know of a method to give them the same range? I use CloudCompare and Cyclone 3DR.
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Re: Normalizing intensity values

Post by danielgm »

In CloudCompare, you can use th SF Arithmetics tool to multiyply the intensity scalar field by a constant: ... Arithmetic
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Re: Normalizing intensity values

Post by max72 »

I use Cloudcompare to batch normalize intensity of my Horizon using command line.
In my case intensity is squashed in the lower range so I adapted to my needs.
In your case I would have more than a batch file, to be used for the clouds from different scanners.
It works fine unless I use big coordinates, in this case coordinates global shift is not automatically applied.

The batch file I use contains the following line:

Code: Select all

for %%f in (%*) DO "<insert your path here>\Cloudcompare\cloudcompare.exe" -SILENT -AUTO_SAVE OFF -O %%f -C_EXPORT_FMT LAS -SF_OP 2 mult 2.5 -SET_ACTIVE_SF 2 -FILTER_SF 0 65000 -SAVE_CLOUDS 

Pause if just to check if there were errors.
You have to modify the path to Cloudcompare.

At this point simply drag and drop the clouds (you can drop multiple files) on the batch file.

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