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Mark Christy
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New Software Releases

Post by Mark Christy »

Just in time for Xmas we've updated our entire suite of software products.

Point Server
This is the biggest update. We've added access control capabilities allowing you to control who can view data stored in your point server, whether it be an entire project or just an individual point cloud. You can manually add users and groups, or connect to an Active Directory.

Data Studio
The main update for Data Studio is the support of access control in Point Server. However beyond that we've also improved the video export options and provided the ability to fix the aspect ratio of the viewing window. This can be particularly useful when comparing scan data with CCTV footage, or checking video viewpoints before generating the final video for true WYSIWYG.

Again access control support is now built in. We've also added a few extra items such as script access to selected points and random colour selection when adding multiple slices.

Please see the video below for a quick tour of these new features.

Hope everyone has a good holiday period, see you again in 2018!


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