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Mark Christy
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Arena4D 4.0 Beta

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We've been quietly working away on a big update for Arena4D and have decided to make it available as a BETA version alongside the current version 3.0 release.

The big change is a complete overhaul of the project system which means every single data type used in a Data Studio project can now be streamed on demand from a Point Server instance. Whether it is an NCTech measurement panorama, 3D model, PDF, Image, etc. the entire project is available on demand rather than just the Point Cloud data as per version 3.0.

This allows you to share your large point cloud data, in context, throughout your network without the fear of saving data in the cloud.

As well as this big change we have implemented MP4 video output by default and further improved the Point Cloud editing speed.

Version 4.0 retains all the previous best features of Data Studio, including the key frame animator, 360 video output, Oculus and Vive VR support plus much much more!

Download today from our website


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