Arena4D 3.0 Released Today

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Mark Christy
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Arena4D 3.0 Released Today

Post by Mark Christy » Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:27 pm

Pleased to announce that Arena4D Data Studio version 3.0 has now been released.

This new release brings some fundamental changes to the software. Data Studio was always designed from day one to be modular and with it's rapid growth of features we decided now was the time to start offering it in a modular way rather than one large monolithic package.

Therefore as of today you can now download the "Basic" version of Data Studio for free. This lets you load point clouds, 3D models, annotate, measure, take screen shots and produce basic videos.

You can then subscribe to modules as your needs require. For example, you want to demo some data in Oculus Rift, just buy the VR module. Need to produce a detailed animation then purchase the animation module.

The user interface adapts depending on the modules you have purchased to make sure the user is never overloaded with features.

Of course, being a new release of Data Studio there are of course new features across numerous modules. These include:
  • DXF & CSV export
  • Bullet trajectories
  • Annotation declutter tool
  • Measurement vertical & horiztonal components
  • Integrated 14 day Pointfuse trial
  • Improved NCTech Measure interface
  • Faster tree navigation
Below is a video of these new features in action:

Many Thanks


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