Printing hang-ups in Rhino plug-in.

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Printing hang-ups in Rhino plug-in.

Post by AHayden » Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:58 pm

I'm having some issues with printing layouts with scan data.

There are two problems.

First, if the viewport window I am printing is near the origin of the paper space, it seems that the cloud data comes in on top of that in the same coordinates. In my first example image I have a section in my viewport but the 1st quadrant of the scan data comes in and overwrites everything. If I send the viewport way off the paper say 2000,2000 or similar this overwriting disappears.
Veesus Rhino 1-a.jpg
Second, there are bars of data that go missing, there is one prominent bar across the center of the page in the first image, and a grid of missing data in the 2nd. These bars seem to change with the DPI settings of the image print.
Veesus Rhino 3-a.jpg
Overall, I love the plug-in, but these issues are keeping us from fully utilizing clouds in Rhino. The renderer works great, but it would be beneficial to be able to create some layout views as well, so we can combine mesh, text and scan data.

Also, is there any development on being able to translate/rotate data inside of Rhino?


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Mark Christy
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Re: Printing hang-ups in Rhino plug-in.

Post by Mark Christy » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:09 pm

Hi Adam,

The second issue you're seeing was reported to us last week via somebody else and we have got a fix ready now. We're hoping to release a new version of the plugin tomorrow with some updates that includes this fix. If you're being held up on a job with this then let me know and I can get you a preview beta version to be getting on with.

Regarding the first issue, I don't think I'm 100% clear on what you're seeing/doing. If you want to drop me an email we can go through it in some more detail and get it resolved. Of course it could already be fixed in this next release if it's related to the fix mentioned above.

As for moving/rotating scans in the Rhino viewport. We've had a couple requests for this but not many. Again if you can give a few good examples of where you use this it would help fitting it in the list of requests!

Many Thanks


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