Undet for AutoCAD V2.4 Release. What‘s new?

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I have made 60-70 posts
I have made 60-70 posts
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Undet for AutoCAD V2.4 Release. What‘s new?

Post by Aurelijus » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:43 am

Dear LSF members,

I am extremely happy to announce the new Undet for AutoCAD version which has few major improvements that will continue increasing our users productivity further segregating them from the competition. Release highlight – a whole new 3D viewer that links to AutoCAD and provides additional point cloud management options, facilitating identification of details and speeding up drafting, modelling and annotating.

For more details and videos on what's new in Undet4AutoCAD V2.4 visit here: http://www.undet.com/blog/undet-for-aut ... whats-new/


Simon Judd
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V.I.P Member
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Re: Undet for AutoCAD V2.4 Release. What‘s new?

Post by Simon Judd » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:58 am

A big thumbs up to Aurleijus and the Team.

The new viewer is great for navigating your point cloud whilst digitising in Autocad.

And the new section tools are also an enhancement to help speed up the overall workflow.

Keep up the good work guys


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