Undet for AutoCAD 2021 version new features!

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Undet for AutoCAD 2021 version new features!

Post by mariusP »


We just released a new Undet for AutoCAD version (2021).

Information about main updates can be found at https://www.undet.com/Undet-for-AutoCAD/

Improvements list:
  • [ Auto Multi-Line ] - Automatically creates and fits a line to point cloud points to create a multi polyline. Created multi polyline will be placed to UCS/WCS Z=0 achieving maximum accuracy based on point cloud points.
  • [ Undet Snap ] - Enable snapping to the 3D point cloud point. Switch ON/OFF UNDET SNAP in Osnap [ F3 ] selection list by selecting [ Undet Point ]
  • [ Find Axis ] and [ Find All Axes ] - Automatically finds axis from visible point cloud points, and draw axis lines longer than 10 meters of length.
  • [ Find Most Reliable UCS Direction ] - Finds the most reliable UCS direction from selected lines
  • [ Align Lines by UCS ] - Aligns lines to saved UCS X Y directions
  • [ Join Lines ] and [ Join Multiple Lines ] - Extends and joins all selected lines into a closed polygon, or intersects two selected lines by extending them.
  • [ Mark Not UCS Lines ] - Mark lines which are not in ortho directions according to UCS.
  • [ Lines Vertical Deformation ] analysis - Analyzes lines fitting to point cloud points creating vertical deformations images in the active view section base. Deformation rasters will be created for each selected line, with selected settings.
  • [ Drape Polyline to Points ], [ Drape Block to Mesh ] and [ Drape Block to Points ] - Drapes polylines, blocks, points to the mesh surface or point cloud points automatically finding the actual ground surface by eliminating noise (bushes, trees, cars, other noise)
  • [ Check 3D Polyline Vertex ] and [ Check Block Z position ] - Check and adjust each 3D polyline vertex, Points, or Blocks heights.
  • [ Fitz 3D vertex ] - Unifies selected 3D polyline vertices Z position when XY coordinates are the same.
  • [ Create mesh ] using 3D polyline area or boundary vertex only - Now ground surface mesh can be created by 3d Polygon (using 3d polyline outline).
  • [ Draw Elevation Line ] and [ Generate Tasks ] - The tool is designed for automated task generation when preparing facade and/or section drawings.
  • [ Roll-out & Export ] - Unroll active view section according to the selected polyline configuration and export as a new UNDET project.
  • Auto scanning stations/positions grouping - Auto-group scan stations/positions into external and internal level groups.
  • Imperial - Metric units selection - Fast project unit selection and scaling options have beed added: Original (metric); Optimized for 3D modeling (metric); Inches; Millimeters and Add/Modify…*
  • Change scanning station - position bubble center (BB) size - Added option to change the scanning station/position bubble view (BB) symbol size.
  • License Engine upgrade to e-license​ type - The new software-based license engine will allow you toactivate licenses faster, make it easier to transfer a license to another computer, and manage company office licenses in one place. The new license management portal can be reached at https://activation.undet.com/
  • Added auto-feature extraction settings adjustment "on the fly" while using the [ Auto-Line ] tool.
  • Added Undo (ctrl+u) option to [Auto-line] feature.
  • [ Mesh Export ] Exports mesh vertex points into TXT/ACS file format.
  • [ Undet Browser ] Added UNDET browser icon to locate Undet browser view by picking a point cloud point.
  • Improved [Coloring Dialog] when working with imperial units.
  • [In ViewSection] clipping tools moved to quickly reach location.
  • [Export ViewSection Alive Points] function renamed to [ Export Full Resolution Points]
The latest UNDET for AutoCAD release can be installed on AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Plant 3D (supported versions: 2021, 2020, and 2019). https://www.undet.com/Undet-for-AutoCAD/
Marius Putrimas
Undet | for a super-smooth workflow with point clouds

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