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Realworks to ReCap

Post by jpw173 »

I have been having to export point clouds from Realworks to ReCap.

Most times, this works fine, and I am able to open the file in Autodesk ReCap with no issues. However, about once every 10 exports or so, I get a weird ghosting image in ReCap.

What I mean is: points I edited out of the point cloud file I am exporting show up in the ReCap file when I open it, and even odder, it seems to be rotated on a new axis.

For example, I had an building exterior that was just flat windows and mullion. When I exported it, the wall was there, but there was a second wall too. It was on the same center axis, but rotated. Graphically, it looked like what would happen if these two symbols were merged: | and \

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what can I do?

Thanks and have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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Re: Realworks to ReCap

Post by TMillington »

Hi John

We invariably take pointclouds from RealWorks into Recap and I haven't seen this issue occur.

However I always export the cloud as .e57 (because we also import to other software on occasions) from RW and then import that to Recap.
I've not used the direct export to Recap so can't comment on that.

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Re: Realworks to ReCap

Post by d.kutsko »

Recap is a strange software. Sometimes during re-open it damages the project that was previously made in ReCap and looked good. For example, it can rotate some rooms in a project that contain a 100+ stations.

I often use direct export of gridded point clouds to ReCap and all of them look good except projects that had issues during export.
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