Scan Explorer - Missing TZF Files

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Scan Explorer - Missing TZF Files

Post by jaredmatthews » Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:57 pm

Has anyone come across this and know of a fix.
tzf missing.JPG
An explanation of the workflow for this project:

I have about 5 separate projects that I have merged one by one to each other. When I merge a project,it prompts me to save as a new project.
It then asks if I want to copy over the project files (takes longer) or link the scan files. I select the link scan files option.

Everything works well and as expected (I can register project clouds to different clouds in different project no problem).

The issue comes when I need to publish the project as a walk-through. I get that "missing tzf files" error.

I have tried "get tzf files" or tried to relink the file path to the tzf directory, but neither of these fix the problem?

Am I missing something
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Re: Scan Explorer - Missing TZF Files

Post by JkX7 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:52 am

Hi, you problem have simple solution. Your problém is caused because you a) save multipletimes child project and path of TZF is linked to empty projects with only sampled pointclouds, b) you deleted original source project because of saving space on harddrive.
A) Select whole project (1), on ribbon choose Edit tab and then click on „Modify TZF path“, on harddrive select original source project folder (eg: Project.rwi) and then click on „Get TZF Scan files“ (3). Realworks will update missing TZF files and copy TZF files from source project to active project.
B) If you deleted original source project, then you make new temporary project, load FLS scan files and convert them to TZF files. After conversion/loading FLS files save and close temporary project without sampling cloudpoints. In your project where TZF scans are missing just do steps which i wrote above. (1) select project, (2) Modify path to folder of temporary project, (3) Get TZF scan files.
After that RealWors will update missing TZF files and copy them to active project. I recommended you to randomly choose some scans in your project and in properties window check path of TZF files if is equal to path where is your active project saved.
Hope it will helped to you.
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