Mesh use cases

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Mesh use cases

Post by SakariP »

Hi all, my first post but I've been lurking around for some months now :)

I'm very interested to know more about mesh use cases. As far as I know meshes are now mostly being used for inspection, visualization in VR, collision detection, as video game assets and as a reference for 3D modeling and CAD drawing. Are there some common use cases I am missing?

I'm sure many of us dream about using high quality mesh in CAD applications such as Revit, Archicad and Autocad. Is it so that there is no way at the moment to use high polygon meshes for the designing on itself? I have seen that very high polygon meshes can be run in unreal engine 4/Unity with smart data processing algorithms without a problem. I could imagine that streaming that data to these CAD softwares could help solving the problem or should we wait for a totally new CAD software that has better ways to handle the data? What do you guys think?

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Re: Mesh use cases

Post by Graham »

Personally I find when someone asks for a mesh they are telling me their solution and not their problem. Getting to the reason why a mesh is being asked for is potentially more valuable.

Do not get me wrong mesh has its place and when it work it is good but I have seen plenty of shocking meshes in visualised point clouds.

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Re: Mesh use cases

Post by NOVAMECH »

I find a mesh great for visualization. It helps the client. I also pitted my ZF5010x against my Leica AT402 Laser Tracker. The results from the scanner were stellar. The TRACKER is accurate to 0.05mm - with the scanner we were still seeing results that were sub-millimetre. Who says you can't do accurate work with a SCANNER :D - you just need a ZF Scanner / and a few smarts.
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