Kreon Solano data to mesh

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Kreon Solano data to mesh

Post by 3DPro »

Is it possible to import raw Kreon laser data into any package other than the big guys like Geomagic, Polyworks etc?
I want to use Rhino Mesh to surf (am open to other ideas) to generate surfaces, but am looking for a more affordable route than above options.
Obviously, being able to convert the point cloud & optimise the mesh accurately is important.
Any suggestions would be welcome please :D

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Re: Kreon Solano data to mesh

Post by Jamesrye »

Rhino is great, another alternative could be meshlab - which is open source.

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Re: Kreon Solano data to mesh

Post by nickherath »

That's like buying a Ferrari and not being able to afford the fuel to drive it. :D
Good software is every bit as important as your hardware. Whilst being costly in the short term as an up-front cost, good software such as Polyworks and Geomagic which are designed to work with your hardware will save you countless hours in the long term and deliver superior results with less effort.

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Re: Kreon Solano data to mesh

Post by arie »

Unfortunately, Meshlabs development has slowed down quite a bit (though a new version is in sight) and its viewport perfomance is quite laggy when working with high-res meshes. I hope the new version will adress that.

Alternatively, you can use Cloudcompare for meshing, the poisson surface reconstruction yields very good results as long as one sets the octree-depth accordingly. For further editing the mesh, you could use the free meshmixer, which has a wide array of different tools for manipulating meshes.

What do you want to achieve with the mesh?

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