Capturing Reality - RealityCapture

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I have made 70-80 posts
I have made 70-80 posts
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Capturing Reality - RealityCapture

Post by RobM »

Has anyone tried this yet?

Just bought a 3 month licence for 99 bucks and thought I'd give it a shot.


curious to see what "RealityCapture" can do or if its just another overpriced tool :lol:

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I have made 30-40 posts
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Re: Capturing Reality - RealityCapture

Post by Poux »

Hi Rob,

I tried RealityCapture for some projects, and I was particularly pleased with the results!
Their implementation mostly based on Computer Vision provides a very interesting tool for Data Fusion applications.

I would say if you are now using both active and passive sensors for your projects (TLS + UAV, Camera, ...) it offers a very effective way to get colour balanced point clouds while retaining the geometry of your scan.
So, If you combine different camera capture positions from TLS stations, then it is really useful ! And you can also quickly assess if the overlap between photos is insufficient.

Have fun playing with it !
Florent POUX
3D Data Scientist

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