Interesting Client Request

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I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: Interesting Client Request

Post by Carlos »

We use Navisworks to compare point clouds of existing equipment or building to a new models (clash detection, etc.). It works well. If your deliverables do not include 3d you can generate point cloud/dwg 2D layouts in AutoCAD to show contrast between the two in plan/elevation views. If 3D is not required this is an inexpensive way to check for clash detection, etc. Good Luck!

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Re: Interesting Client Request

Post by JoshK »

Finally a topic i can offer solid advice on! :lol: Your client does (or is going to do) exactly what i do full time. :D

You need to supply your client with an Autodesk Recap .RCP file. Autodesk Recap is free to download and use. can be found here.

You can find the first 2 videos in a 4 part series about working with point clouds in recap on our youtube channel as well as a video on how to insert the point clouds into Inventor. ... gSJGBqrteg
the first two are about installing and importing/opening files. (more what you will need to know.) the one we will be releasing on Monday will be about how to work with the point cloud once you have it in Recap. the one on Monday week will be about how to prep it for use in Inventor/AutoCAD.

My advice would be supply them with a point cloud in RCP that you have created by importing a PTX file as this gives them "Real views" and a decimated version for working with in Inventor created off a PTS. In both cases that will give them the best viewing experience.

Make them aware that point clouds will not show up in Inventor (or Autocad as far as i know) 2D drawings, so extraction of features can be a bit painful. (tutorial coming on our youtube channel.)Iif they want even basic stuff it is probably better/faster/cheaper that you extract the small amount of information they need to see in 2D drawings with your software. they don't want to even think about trying to do it with a mesh. meshes and Inventor don't play well. just use the point cloud while they are modelling and they will be sweet. i do almost no feature extraction for my personal jobs and work almost exclusivly in Inventor, AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Hope that helps. let me know if you have any other questions.

I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: Interesting Client Request

Post by Shunshun1209 »

[email protected] wrote:Thank you guys for the responses I will definitely have to look into PointFuse and Infipoints. I have downloaded a trial of Inventor to determine what it can and can't do and it is actually able to insert a point cloud but it has to be a .rcp. I however haven't figured out what all can be done with the point cloud after that.
Let me know if you are interested in learning more about InfiPoints!!

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Re: Interesting Client Request

Post by cpw006 »

You could use Sequoia by Thinkbox. Very good meshing software and they rent it monthly so you do not have to fork over a lot up front.

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I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: Interesting Client Request

Post by [email protected] »

Josh, Thanks for the tips. I downloaded a trial of Inventor and in the latest version you can insert a point cloud into it. I'm familiar with Recap but the client isn't, matter of fact the client hasn't had any prior experience with 3D Scanning prior to our presentation so they definitely had a lot of questions.

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Re: Interesting Client Request

Post by Oliver Buerkler »

Hi Alex.

Not sure if your are using SCENE.
If so, the new meshing tool in version 6.1 might be worth a trial.

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