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Re: MS60 scan data

Postby phamduysc » Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:23 am

MalteHC wrote:Hi guys

I just got the MS60 and tried scanning with it. This station is totally new to me and i have only been working with leicas totalstations before.
I tried to make a scanning, that went succesfully, now is my problem, how do i export this scan to an ascii file (XYZ RGB)? Cause when i try to do it from the remote, only the stationposition gets exportet, nor the point cloud! I can export the pointcloud to an .sdb file, but as far as i can read, it only can be importet to cyclone and i want to open the file in Meshlab.
Any advise?

You can contact to your supplier for LISCAD, a software from LISTECH which can transfer from SDB to PTS, XYZ .... with more affordable price than Cyclone :D. They (Leica supplier) suggest me to use this.
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