USGS Aerial LIDAR of Denver

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I have made 80-90 posts
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USGS Aerial LIDAR of Denver

Post by bwiab »

So I downloaded some USGS lidar data to potentially use as a base map for all the scanning we are doing. This was through Earth Explorer. (Super cool that this is available by the way!) The data was available in a couple of formats and I used .las. I then attached the point clouds in Descartes which automatically converted them to .pods. I went to insert our local scans on top of the base and they were offset by about 600 miles.

Any ideas? Our local scans are geolocated based on the Colorado State Plane. What does USGS use for coordinates? Maybe a translation issue from .las to .pod?

Any ideas on the accuracy of the USGS lidar data?


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Re: USGS Aerial LIDAR of Denver

Post by JReigard »

Hey I was just about to do the same thing to another site. The USGS data I pulled in Denver looked great, and I cant wait to convert it over to my site.

I haven't looked to closely yet, but after a quick look I just assumed they were on UTM and not SPC CO. I have an NGS mark not far that we have tied in to so that was going to be my conversion point, but again I haven't done it yet. If I get time I'll do it tomorrow and let you know.

If I can ever offer any help, just let me know!

(Just checked a point and yes the one I grabbed is in UTM 13, just watch your units with converting)

Mark Christy
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Re: USGS Aerial LIDAR of Denver

Post by Mark Christy »

Hi Guys,

Sorry to jump in on your thread but this one piqued my interest as one of our key things with our tool is putting data in the right place in the world... so I logged in to USGS and downloaded some LAS data to have a play with in the Denver area.

Using our import tool I can select different coordinate systems and it'll show me where the data will end up. I tried a number of UTM 13N projections and the standard WGS84 gave the best result. Images below.

Hope this helps confirm the information you were looking for! :)


Untitled 2.jpeg
Untitled 3.jpeg
Untitled 4.jpeg
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