TopoDOT® User Conference - Save The Date

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TopoDOT® User Conference - Save The Date

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Certainty 3D is excited to announce. . .

TopoDOT® User Conference 2016!

Save the Date!!

When: May 9-13, 2016
Where: UCF Rosen College Campus
9907 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819


This conference held on the beautiful UCF Rosen College campus—minutes from major attractions—will have something for everyone. Focused workshops and seminars will accommodate every level of TopoDOT® experience.

There will also be seminars focusing on Program Management and Business Development. And it won’t be all TopoDOT®. Sponsors representing LiDAR system manufacturers and service providers will be there to demonstrate the latest in technology and real-world applications.

Registration information will follow shortly. We’ll see you there!

Questions and/or Comments, contact: [url=mailto:[email protected]]Fabian Cuervo[/url] or [url=mailto:[email protected]]Dawn Keller[/url]

Certainty 3D, LLC
7039 Grand National Drive, #100
Orlando, FL 32819
Office: 407/248-0160

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