Issue with Registering Project Files to Icons

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I have made 20-30 posts
I have made 20-30 posts
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Issue with Registering Project Files to Icons

Post by TheSouthernMudd »

Hey Guys,

So when I export my .e57 files from Scene, I go straight into TopoDOT and attempt to register project files to icons. It gives me the option to choose which files I want to register, lets me name the TVW map file, and lets me press open. After that, it "freezes" for a second then a pop up screen shows up that says MicroStation has stopped working. Abort, Retry, and Ignore is the options I get. I have had this happen before, but all I had to do was restart my computer and it would magically start working again. That is not the case this time. I have preprocessed 8 projects out of Scene in the hope that I was doing something wrong, but so far all of those projects have given me the same problem. I am still able to load in the other projects that have been completed on this dwg, but am unable to go any further until this issue is solved. Has anyone out there had the same or similar issue? This all started yesterday.

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Re: Issue with Registering Project Files to Icons

Post by brian715 »

I know this is a really old thread, but I feel like trying to answer anyway.

I have had this happen and think I know why. When you go to name your .TVW file, if you are like me you like to be the same name as your .e57 so you being typing the name and it will automatically populate, so you choose your file without typing it all the way out. The only problem is, that it keeps the .e57 after the file name. So when you hit ok, it is trying to create a "filename.e57.tvw" and it crashes. for me this also corrupted my .e57 and I needed to re-export from scene. I hope this helps someone at some point.

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