Combining Projects - Origin reverts

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Combining Projects - Origin reverts

Post by A_Axelsson » Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:07 pm

Hi All,
Having problems when combing two projects scanned in the same local at different times.

Both are scanned and registered with measured targets (in other software), BUT the first scan project was made with a local coordinate system, and the second scanning registered using a transformed coordinate system, by customers choice.

The first scan project was later transformed using the registration functionality in ReCap by adding survey points, and calculating the corresponding coordinate of the transformed coordinate system.
No problems there, and everything under control so far.

If opened in Navis, or in AutoCAD, both projects appear as the should, and in the right places.

The problem is, when combining the two projects in ReCap, the first project reverts to its original origin, and they appear in different places.

I could solve this by going back to the beginning by re-registering the first project from scratch, and going through all the import/transform/export/import into ReCap/cleanup/make Regions/etc. once more.. but I'd rather not.

What I would like is some way to set the new created origin as the "World-UCS" in ReCap..

Any suggestions?

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