Recap filters questions

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Recap filters questions

Post by Fred771 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:43 pm


When i export my ordered scans from Scene (E57, fls, i tried everything), Recap always rearrange the distribution of the points and delete 30% of them.

The distribution of the points in Scene looks very good and i don't want Recap to modify my points cloud in any way.

The filter is set to minimal and the decimation grid is set to 0, but Recap keep modifying my points cloud.

I use autocad with plugins to do modelisation of points cloud and i have no choice except producing rcp / rcs with Recap.

I did a lot of tests with Scene by exporting (i tried all formats) a small portion of the points cloud and then importing them in different software (autocad, inventor, solidworks, revit ect). And i really think that the problem comes from Recap.

Is there any way to set Recap filter COMPLETELY OFF?

Is there a workflow to end in autocad with exactly the points cloud i got in Scene? (same points, distribution, ect)


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