Cyclone 3dr Mesh in .lgs

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I have made 70-80 posts
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Cyclone 3dr Mesh in .lgs

Post by b_clive »

Dear all,

Is it possible to export the mesh model created in cyclone 3dr and import it into an existing .lgs file?
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I have made 20-30 posts
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Re: Cyclone 3dr Mesh in .lgs

Post by Yannick_Cyclone3DR »

Hello Clive,

No, it's not possible with the released 2021.1 version. You can export a textured model to the standard OBJ format.

Some news about what is coming with the next 2021.2 release in November:
- export textured mesh in GLB format (another standard extension)
- publish point cloud to LGS format

And it's part of our roadmap to publish textured meshes to LGS format as well (new LGS but not existing). It's likely to be released next year.

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