3dReshaper Review Request

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3dReshaper Review Request

Post by scanster1 »

Hello all,

I am wanting to purchase software for working with point clouds and have been recommended this software. I heard it has excellent point classification. Does anyone have any thoughts on how well this product stands up to others? I understand that it depends on what kind of work you do. To give you an idea of my needs I work as a land surveyor and do various types of work from as-builts, BIM, topo mapping, accident scene documentation etc...I use a Faro 350s and am currently using scene software to register. I also am testing UAV point clouds as a supplement to terrestrial laser scanning point clouds. I would like the following functionality at a minimum from my software:

Export individual points.
Create linework from the point cloud including edge detection.
Point classification with decent control of settings.
Maybe Registration.

Any thoughts?

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Re: 3dReshaper Review Request

Post by melshy »

3dreshaper is good software for your needs. Sign up for a 7-day trial to experience it

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Re: 3dReshaper Review Request

Post by Rikore »

Its great software and will suite your needs. I would still do registration in a software like Leica Cyclone.

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Re: 3dReshaper Review Request


.....Create linework from the point cloud including edge detection......
You can create linework, but there is no edge detection out of pointclouds so far in 3DReshaper.
You have to do it manually.

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Re: 3dReshaper Review Request

Post by smacl »

scanster1 wrote:
Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:55 pm
Any thoughts?
I'd do the following. Create a sample data set, typical for the size you're working on, make a detailed list of things you're trying to extract from that data, get a trial version of any software that might fit the bill, and see which one works best for you. I understand 3d Reshaper is a great piece of software but haven't used it. Our own software, SCC, also meets most of what you have on the list including edge detection but not registration. TopoDOT also has a solid reputation for being good with topographic survey extraction from point clouds as does Cyclone and a daresay a number of others.

If you're testing out a piece of software, it is also important to see how well it scales to the sizes of data you're working with, particularly if you're looking at UAV derived point clouds which can get very large. Tools that help automate classification and extraction are also often dependent on data quality, which is why it is important to test with your own data.

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