Extrude mesh

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Extrude mesh

Post by chrisg.cmg » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:59 pm

Is it possible to extrude a mesh (created in Reshaper or other) so that it comes in as a 3D Solid in AutoCAD? Extruding by 1mm would do the trick.

Any other method of having a mesh come in to AutoCAD as a solid would also solve my problem of being able to project a complex mesh to profile and section views in Civil3d.

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Re: Extrude mesh

Post by geomontgomery » Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:04 am

Can you explain a bit more? You can certainly create meshes with 3DReshaper and transfer them to AutoCAD via the Send to AutoCAD command. Maybe you lack the required module?

Knowing what your source data comes from could help understand how to solve your issue. https://ece.wetransfer.com if you want to send files.

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Re: Extrude mesh

Post by Phill » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:17 pm


Attached is a lisp I wrote for making solids from faces about 15 years ago (CONV_FCE_EX3P.LSP). Seems to still work, but it is as slow as a wet week. Took a few minutes to do 679 faces, so it might be a slow job with a massive mesh from reshaper.

Also attached is a lisp that converts faces to planes (FACE2PLANE.LSP). Runs at about the same speed but might help. You can then create a section using the sectionplane tool or a hidden line elevation drawing using the flatshot tool. You need to select the faces twice, once to check for 4 vertex faces then next to create the planes.

Also attached is a sectioning tool (LSECT_REDUCED.lsp). Cuts a section straight from 3d faces so you don't need to make anything from them. You have to make sure you can see all the faces that will be cut in the section when you run it. You also have to make sure the line goes all the way through the objects (if one end of the line is inside a triangle it bugs out cause it cant find two cut points), and it cant exactly match a vertex in the objects you are cutting, just shift it by a bee's privates and it will be fine. Cuts lines and solids as well.

You'll have to explode your polyface mesh to faces before using any of these tools (if that's what its coming in as).

Hopefully there is something useful there.


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Re: Extrude mesh

Post by gilles_3Dreshaper » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:25 pm


Solid modeling from meshes is something which requires specific tools.

In 3DReshaper, we do surface modeling for now. And this requires the CAD option.

There are several ways to create surfaces in 3DReshaper.
Below is an image showing one way. But depending on your application, there might be better ways.

In the case of a stockpile for example, you can use the tool "CAD / Overlapped Surface".
In my example, I did set the number of control points quite high so that the surface fits well onto the mesh.
Overlapped Surface.PNG
The output of this command is a mathematical surface defined by control points.
This surface can be exported to IGES file format and then imported into AutoCAD (as a surface)

The conversion of this surface to 3D Solid is pretty easy with the command "Thicken" (3D Tools Menu) in which you just have to define a thickness!
Once again, there are different ways to go from 3D meshes to solid modeling.
Maybe there would better ways in your application Chris: do not hesitate to ask to 3DReshaper support!!

Also, I would be curious about you application as you say you want to profile and section views.
We do these in 3DReshaper directly without any need for solid modeling!
Maybe creating sections in 3DReshaper and then sending these sections in Civil3D would do the trick.
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