Volume Math

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Volume Math

Post by Elbruno »

Hello guys,

There are several ways to compute volume(mathematically speaking), so I want to know, what is the math 3DReshaper use to compute volumes?

Some examples of waht I´m asking:
If it use:
1 - Distance between Cross sections times average area.
2 - Integrals
3 - Sum of Prism volumes along a mesh.
4 - ....

I´m doing a research comparing methods of volumes calculations.


Jennifer L.
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Re: Volume Math

Post by Jennifer L. »

Hi Bruno,

The volume calculation is done differently depending on the function you are using.
Are you after a volume included in a closed mesh or between two meshes or volumes of cut an fill in a Tunnel?
In general the volume is computed based on the triangles composing the meshes. In the case of the tunnels, it uses the cross-section interpolation (distance times average area).


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