Maptek - I-Site Forensics

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Maptek - I-Site Forensics

Post by 3DForensics »

While in attendance at the 11th International Police Workshop on Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning in Neuss, Germany a couple of weeks back, I ran into a Maptek rep at the conference. I really hadn't paid much attention to Maptek before and was really only vaguely familiar with them.

However, after getting a bit of a demo on their new I-Site Forensic software, I was pleasantly suprised at what a feature rich program it was!

I have been playing with a beta version and thought it would be a good idea to spread the word for those that might be interested. I created a very intorductory video since I am new with the software myself, but it at least shows you the layout, importing and creating animations.

Cheers All!

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