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Post by Jason Warren »

New Structured Light Scanner SLS-3

The new DAVID SLS-3 is the bigger brother of the well-proven SLS-2. It offers a higher scan resolution and a higher speed at the same time!

The main improvement is our new Full-HD camera, the DAVID-CAM-4-M. It has a fast high-resolution chip and a USB-3 interface, that's why it's possible to scan with 54 FPS at maximum resolution (1920*1200) and still be about 50% faster than the SLS-2.
Furthermore, we have improved some details in hardware and software to make handling even easier.

Here are the specs:

Scan size: 60-500 mm
Resolution/Precision: 0,05% of scan size (up to 0,05 mm)
Scanning time: One single scan within 2 seconds (or up to ~10 seconds, depending on settings and computer speed)
Mesh density: Up to 2,300,000 vertices per scan
Export formats: OBJ, STL, PLY
MSRP: 2940 EUR net


And this does not mean that the SLS-2 has lost its value! We have many customers who don't need the highest speed or resolution, in fact often the SLS-2 resolution is even too much and some users reduce the data afterwards. You may want to go for the SLS-2 and save some money. And if you need the extra speed and resolution, or simply want the best there is, the SLS-3 should be your choice.
We will keep offering both, SLS-2 and SLS-3, and you can decide which model you prefer.

Shipping will start at the end of October. Order your SLS-3 from your local reseller now!

New DAVID Version 4.3

Of course we have continuously worked on the DAVID software. The latest version is 4.3.5, ready for download here. As usual, all DAVID 4 users can update for free, and for DAVID3 users we offer License Upgrades at a low price.

These are some of the latest improvements:

"Retry" button for alignment - details in our forum
"Outlier Removal" filter to automatically clear background fractions etc. - just turn it up and see outliers disappear
SLS-3 support
STL import
Several improvements under the hood
Some minor bug fixes
...and many new features for the DAVID SDK:
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Jason Warren

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I have made 20-30 posts
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Re: DAVID Launch NEW SLS-3

Post by eliscio »

Great structured light scanner that gives you a ton of versatility. I have the software and pair it up with my own hardware. I am looking at upgrade costs to their new version 4 of the software.

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Re: DAVID Launch NEW SLS-3

Post by richard_m »


am I right that the DAVID system can still only can 500mm size objects?

Maybe this is the wrong place to post this but I have an R&D project I need to look into, I'm looking into the scanning of plants, not my usual petrochemical variety but the green and leafy variety for a change.

Imagine hundreds of the things in which it is important to identify quite subtle physical differences, height overall envelope size etc. Some could be small coffee-cup size but some could be 2m / 6ft tall and wheeled in on a pallet, I'need to design a rig to efficiently and accurately scan such a plant with good repeatability and high throughput. As long as it works well the the cost, within reason, is whatever it costs.

Don't need pretty models etc the objective is the relative comparison of plants so I'll need to figure a way of reducing the scan output to numbers that can be analysed in excel or custom app. I'd like to build a single rig that could scan all sizes of plant but if I must build two then so be it.

These guys, http://www.ir-ltd.net/ are not replying to emails. Who else should I be taking to?

Any advice welcome, this is not really my field.


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Re: DAVID Launch NEW SLS-3

Post by danielgm »

Did you see the citation of Pablo Picasso on Infinite Realities' website?
Without great solitude no serious work is possible.
This is why they don't answer your emails ;) They want to be alone :D
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Re: DAVID Launch NEW SLS-3

Post by Mike Annear »

Hi Richard,
The David system is "scalable", I have scanned objects up to 2.0 m with my David scanner.
You simply put the scanner and projector further apart, maintaining the 18 or so degrees angle between the two.
The scanner is intially "calibrated" using different sized calibration panels.
I had a 2.0m set of calibration panels made for scanning larger parts.
You can also just register lots of smaller scans together to scan car sized objects etc.
It has its own registration/meshing module built in which is quite nice to use.

The thing to remember is " Resolution/Precision: 0,05% of scan size"
Hope that helps,
Mike Annear
QLD, Australia.

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Re: DAVID Launch NEW SLS-3

Post by Into3D »


I'm looking at using the SLS-3 as a supplemental scanner for larger objects, such as cars. Any details on how you fabricated the larger calibration panels to ensure a good calibration?


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