Freezing Issue With Steinbichler 2M L3D on Cometplus

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Freezing Issue With Steinbichler 2M L3D on Cometplus

Post by Lunar1 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:45 pm


My company has recently decided to upgrade the laptop we use in our blue light scanning process. We are going from a Dell Precision M4700 to an Alienware 17R4 and began having an odd issue. The short version is that the camera signal is lost if it is left sitting for more than a few minutes and requires a restart of the program. Some things I have noticed:

It will freeze if the picture is not being displayed for a period of time (using Digitize usually)
It can sit for long periods of time ( Such as while warming up) if the digitize screen is active
It does Not freeze if Calibrating or Verifying
It Freezes immediately after Calibrating/Verifying every time
It does not send an error code until you attempt to digitize while frozen Error Code says the image acquisition timed out
Attempting to diagnose the camera causes the system to lock up
When Frozen, ethernet activity basically stops, except for regular short spikes every few seconds
The old computer has no issues scanning, it just is getting old and has crashed a few times

Has anybody experienced a similar issue when attempting to upgrade hardware? I think it is either a network setting or a Cometplus setting, but am having a hard time nailing down exactly what.

Thank you all in advance! Cheers!

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