Data Collection Software Need for Leica HDS3000

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Data Collection Software Need for Leica HDS3000

Post by szjamal »

Dear Team Members,

Can anyone help me in getting software for data collection using Leica HDS3000.

Leica gas stopped its support and we bought the equipment from a local dealer.

I have gone through this thread already viewtopic.php?t=15681

Any support in this regard is much appreciated.

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I have made 10-20 posts
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Re: Data Collection Software Need for Leica HDS3000

Post by andrewcrussell »

Hi Zahid,

We have an old Itronix GO tablet PC that was used to drive our Leica HDS3000 scanner
quite a number of years ago. It will have some form of Cyclone licensing still loaded on to it.

Also, we will no doubt have a redundant Windows desktop PC with a full Cyclone license still
sitting intact on the HDD. This will be the old 32 bit version so don't get too excited.
Cyclone version 5.1 or 5.5 perhaps which will match HDS3000 operations I expect.

Ill put the tablet onto charge and see if its servicable still.
We have 3 clip-on expansion batteries but they have not been charged for some time!

Andy Russell - 00447802 541987
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