7 years later, StreetMapper still first choice for Geomaat

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7 years later, StreetMapper still first choice for Geomaat

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Based in The Netherlands, Geomaat is a land surveying and engineering company that specialises in geospatial information, infrastructure and mobile mapping. (http://www.geomaat.nl/)

They came to 3D Laser Mapping with a problem - they needed to ensure that staff safety was achieved when performing work on treacherous projects such as highways, whilst never compromising the quality of work produced for their customers. A Mobile Mapping System was needed, and StreetMapper was chosen as the perfect solution. They were one of the first European companies to purchase the system in 2009.
Since the delivery of the system, StreetMapper has been put to the test on a number of projects including highway, railway and coastal surveying.

Read the case study here to see why Geomaat, 7 years on, still continue to use StreetMapper as part of their daily workflow: http://www.3dlasermapping.com/wp-conten ... intout.pdf

Last year we launched StreetMapperIV, a smaller, more compact yet highly accurate development of the StreetMapper system. Head to the webpage to see more, get in touch in the comments below, or email ‘[email protected]’ if you want to learn more about how StreetMapper can help your company’s projects. http://www.3dlasermapping.com/streetmapper/

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