Help with Geomagic Studio 12

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Help with Geomagic Studio 12

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I know this is a shot in the dark cause its a decade old software. But I'm working for my university to make a reverse engineering workflow for education purposes using a Roland LPX-600, and LPX Studio and Geomagic Studio 12.

My general process has been to take my scanned point cloud then, Wrap -> Mesh Doctor -> Parametric Surface -> Fit Surfaces -> Fit Connections -> Trim and Stitch. I've been able to complete this without any errors but when I try to save the "stitched" model as an STP file, the file has no data (ie 0 KB of data). I can't seem to figure out why it's saving an empty file. If anyone has any ideas, your help would be greatly appreciated!

I can provide any files if needed.
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Re: Help with Geomagic Studio 12

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I don't have specific experience with Geomagic Studio 12; however, with other software sometimes there are options to set such as BREP, or manifold solid.

If your object is not a solid (ie surface only), and you are setting an export option that specifies a solid then you could end up with 0 output.
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