Design x and big Data files

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Design x and big Data files

Post by Scanto3d »

[font=]design x and big Data files [/font]

I am absolutly new to design x.
I want to Open some stl-files with 6-7gb.
The most of the Time, the stl opens, but When i Split the file into regions, the Computer crashes... so for me it’s Not possieble to work with large files..
The Computer is a Dell T5820 with a fast cpu, 128gb ram quadro p4000 with 8gb and a big nvme.t2 hdd...

How do you handle big Data??
We should do modelling of big machine parts, but i have no idea How... (with 70-80 mb stl-files everything works Fine)
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Re: Design x and big Data files

Post by 3DSean »

Hi @Scanto3D

Your system specs more than meet our minimum requirements, so there's gotta be something else happening here. An STL of that size is quite large but will only take longer to import, and it should be able to be manipulated quite easily once in the software. Perhaps you can try decimating, but in reality, contacting support will allow them to recommend certain hardware settings within Design X and your graphics card to improve stability. Generally, crashes are the culprit of the graphics card.

If you haven't already done so, contact your local support team. It appears you're in Europe, so that would be [email protected] or +49(0)6105.3248.444
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